The more competitive chance for alternative energies

Various ways and efforts continue to be done by the community to replace the main energy source (fuel oil) whose supply is increasingly depleted, with renewable energy sources coming from the natural surroundings. Call it alternative fuels such as biogas, biodiesel, bioethanol, fuel cell, and so forth. Well, to know the various kinds of energy sources that can be utilized in creating alternative energy. Here we inform some alternative energy sources that exist in the environment around us. On the other hand, you can also try the 5kw solar system for the more eco-friendly energy source in your house.

1. Water Resources Energy
A source of energy that is widely used by the public is water. The strength of the flowing water is utilized by the community as an alternative energy source to create a hydroelectric power plant or better known as hydropower. Preparation of hydropower itself begins by accommodating the river water flowing rapidly into a reservoir. Then the water flowed through the water-taking door, arranged in the control center of the reservoir. And when the door of the reservoir is open, the water will flow very swiftly through the water tunnel so that the turbine successfully rotated and drives the generator which then generates electrical energy.

2. Solar Energy Source
Lately, the sun began to be utilized as an alternative energy source. Solar energy is converted into electrical energy by using solar cells or known as photovoltaic cells. For example just like the use of solar energy to turn on calculators, water heaters, as a source of solar electric cars, as well as fuel the main solar-powered stove.

3. Energy Sources Alternative fuel biofuel
Bioenergy derived from biomass, the material produced by living things in the form of plants, animals, and microorganisms. Indonesia has many natural resources that can be utilized as bioenergy raw materials. For example, such as traditional bioenergy of wood fuel, and bioenergy more modern include bioethanol, biogas, biodiesel, and so forth.

4. Wind Energy Source
Who would have thought if the movement of air or called the wind can produce alternative energy sources derived from kinetic energy? This source is then used by the community to move the turbines and turbines, to finally produce a source of electrical voltage.

5. Surface Energy Surface Sea Waves
Currently, not only river water can be utilized as an alternative energy source. Sea surface waves can also be used as a Wave Power Plant. The process relies on the movement up and down or rolls of waves to move the turbine until it finally produces a source of electrical energy.