Mobile Phone Never Turned Off? Stop this Bad Habit!

In addition to using a charger that is not original, the use of power banks on a regular basis is also not recommended, because the voltage that is owned by your phone often does not match your power bank. So it is advisable if you find your battery runs out, you can use phone charging station rentals for events that you can meet in various big events. Every now and then turn off your phone so that the phone can rest as well as humans need to rest the phone too so turn off the phone at least 1 hour a day This can make your bestower power maintained. Secular Data, Bluetooth and GPS Always Turned on, this is also a very bad habit. Turning on these three features causes the phone to always search for available networks. This will make your android phone work even when you are not using it. And will quickly drain the battery and also can quickly make hp hot and if too hot will make the hp work is not maximal. Letting Battery 0% charge the battery. This may also be a habit that you often do, draining the battery until the android phone runs out of power and then turns itself off. The batteries used by all phones are made of lithium, in contrast to nickel. With lithium material, it is not advisable to wait for completely discharged battery power to just fill it. For this reason, there is always a warning when the hp battery is recharged immediately when the battery has reached 10% and 5%. And you should immediately charge your phone if the battery has reached 25% will make the battery durable.

Not infrequently in excessive battery charging, the battery can sometimes just explode. When the battery explodes, the chemical will be in contact with the surrounding oxygen and can be inhaled by humans. It can cause diseases such as respiratory disorders, brain disorders, and even impotence. The more vulnerable to the impact of battery explosions are children and women. The chemicals they breathe can cause growth, brain, and nervous disorders in children, and pregnancy and fetal disorders in women. Therefore, there is a strong warning to keep the battery out of reach of children. The battery holder is advised to immediately wash hands and not directly touch the mouth, eyes, and other sensitive body parts after touching the battery. The last habit that can cause your android phone quickly damaged is rarely clean the phone. In every day, your smartphone must be rarely separated from the grip. Surely it will make the smartphone so dirty. Dust and small nano-sized dirt could enter and contaminate the inside of the phone to cause the performance of the phone is disrupted.