Signs when your smartphone’s battery is broken

There are several ways to check which parts cause the battery to leak. But before running the steps below, you should first apply the battery-saving tips on your smartphone device. If still does not work, you just use the steps we will share to ensure the state of your smartphone battery is damaged or not. In the meantime, you can also check out the high-quality cell phone charging lockers. These ones are good both for business or for your personal convenience.

This is the characteristic of a broken or leaked smartphone battery easily:

1. Smartphone feels hot on the battery part precisely in the rear area.

2. The physical condition of the battery has ballooned but if you use a non-removable battery then there is another way to check it.

3. When charging the battery, the indicator indicates that the battery is in and out or sometimes filled or not. It indicates that the battery is starting to be unstable.

4. Battery status indicators sometimes up and down the percentage and when to play the game is often off or reboot.

5. The battery will quickly run out even after just been charged

How to solve this problem?

How to Overcome the leaking, damaged or already there are signs of approaching the leak, you need to calibrate the battery but if the level of damage to the battery is still not too severe. If it is badly damaged or can be exemplified only lasted for 20min after 100 percent of charging then it can be concluded my friend need to replace the battery with a new one to avoid damage to other systems.

Why is it important to check if the battery condition is damaged or not?

It’s very IMPORTANT. Yups, the battery is a place to hold power ie a power source that can be accessed by terminal components, sockets, ports, and other components located within the core of a smartphone or gadget device. If a resource has an unstable voltage it will certainly damage the processor core, possibly memory, I / O, and other components due to unstable incoming and outgoing currents. Make a friend who does not want his hp damaged and more severe use check battery and perform calibration on the battery when the battery is not stable.