Digital Laser Distance to Measure Distances Accurately

When we want to create a building or a particular facility, the first thing to do is to calculate the area of land available and calculate the area of the means to be built. This calculation should be done precisely and thoroughly because if the calculation slips just a little, of course, will not produce a good building. Simple example, if we want to build a house on a vacant lot. Surely, we have to know how wide the vacant lot is and what kind of house we want. There are also some people who want to make a house, not to build it from an empty land, but only to renovate existing buildings. Both require the exact calculation.

Fortunately, now there is a tool which can help a contractor or even common people to take a measurement a lot more accurate and the tool is called as a digital laser distance, such as the laserMÅLER, for example. A digital laser distance has a variety of functions that can certainly facilitate the user. Some of these functions include:

– It can greatly facilitate the user in calculating the slope of an object.
– In addition to calculating distances, it can be used to calculate the height, length, width, Pythagoras, even the volume of a plane.
– It can facilitate measurement of angle and function of stake out.
– Measurements can be done continuously.
– It can facilitate a person to measure the area and area so that it can measure with accurate results and in a short time.
– It makes it easy for people to measure long distances and places that are difficult to reach.

A digital laser distance is designed with a small size so it is very practical and certainly fit in the hand. Taking a measurement using this tool feels easier and fun because measurements can be done alone without the need of help from others. So, it can make the job easy and quick to do. The measurement results can also be known in just seconds.

Solar Cell Power System

The solar cell is a generator that not only consists of the conversion system from solar photon into electric current or that is termed as a photo module voltage. There needs to be a support system that serves to store the electrical energy generated so that the output can be more stable can be used when there is no sunlight or at night. And One unit off grid solar system of solar cell power plant system consists of several components, among others are:

1. Solar cell module or also called panel Photo Voltaic (Panel PV). The solar cell module consists of several existing types with a capacity of 20 Wp, 30 Wp, 50 Wp, 100 Wp. PV modules seen from the type can be mono type crystals, poly crystals, or amorphous.

2. Storage of electrical energy or known as a battery (batteries) are maintenance free. The battery can usually last 2-3 years. Battery capacity adjusted to the module capacity and the desired power usage.

3. Charge charger or called the charge controller (solar charge controller). This component serves to adjust the amount of electric current generated by the PV module for storage to the battery in accordance with the capacity of the battery.

4. The inverter is a module to convert unidirectional power (dc) into the electric back and forth (ac). This component is used when the desired electrical usage is back and forth (ac). Even so now there are many electronic devices and lights that use direct current type so that some solar cell system does not require this inverter.

5. Cable (wiring), which is a standard component as a liaison where the electric current flows.

6. Mounting hardware or framework, which is a support for placing or setting the position of solar panels in order to receive sunlight well. Usually, the framework is used to place the solar panel at a higher position than the other parts around it.