12 Tips for the easier house moving process

Not a few people who consider moving home is something that is stressful enough. Starting from having to prepare packing equipment, cleaning the house, the cost is not cheap to have to rent a truck. Take a look at the following tips, because moving house does not have to stress you. Meanwhile, you can also get the best help in moving your house by calling We Like To Move It, Move It!!.

1. Plan your home move during the dry season. You will be happy to move home without worrying about cleaning shoes and other footwear from the mud.

2. If you previously subscribed to magazines/newspapers in the old residence, inform their company to stop sending magazines/newspapers to your home again.

3. Maintain health by reducing the consumption of foods that allow you to get sick, such as flu and cough.

4. Prepare a cardboard box, bubble wrap, styrofoam and other tools 1 week before moving. Do not consider moving house is a trivial thing because you are required to be able to package household furniture as safe as possible.

5. Packing! Pack all of the household furniture one day before your transfer date. To make the loading and unloading process easier, label each packing pack.

6. Leave materials that have chemicals, and liquids to pack at the end. This is to prevent other items from being contaminated.

7. Package of fragile items, such as plates, glasses, flower pots and others using a double pack of styrofoam and bubble wrap inserted into cardboard.

8. If you find it difficult to pack large items, such as safes, mattresses, pianos, cabinets, and desks, contact your moving truck rental to prepare the packaging manpower.

9. Spend the whole meal before moving on. Empty the refrigerator and hurry to move home without bringing stale food / frozen food. If you do not want to throw it away, give it to your neighbor or relative.

10. Contact your home-moving provider about where you live, where to park for loading and unloading trucks where and when you are ready to be picked up.

11. If you do not want to dispose of items that have the small sizes, such as baud, nuts, couplers, nails, and others. Keep them in the ziplock/plastic used for medicine.

12. Got a pet? Better think again when is the right time to take your pet to a new home while entrusting it to a trustworthy relative to avoid stressful animals in a new home.

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