TEG becomes PEG

“PEG wants to make the difference”

Purple-Entertainment Group

The Entertainment Group (TEG), the company of Erik and Martha Eman, has a new partner: Purple Group B.V. based in the Netherlands. Therefore “TEG” has now become “PEG”, which stands for Purple-Entertainment Group.

The idea of a partnership suddenly surfaced when one of the owners of the Purple Group, Harry Zinken, who was on holiday with his wife Rian, came to have a look at the warehouse of The Entertainment Group last year. It was just a random visit based on curiosity as to what their colleagues on Aruba were up to. A visit with extensive outcomes, resulting in a cooperation between two new partners!
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Purple Group

Purple Group B.V. is more or less the same kind of company as TEG, with the same core business namely providing professional light and sound systems. However in the Netherlands Purple Group operates on a slightly larger scale. Some of the clients of Purple Group are one of the major events and festivals in the Netherlands such as Dance Valley, Extrema festival and the Paaspop Festival, as well as performances by top-ten artists like rockbands Kane and Within Temptation, the worlds best dj Armin van Buuren, and many others. At times Purple Group B.V. provides light and sound equipment for audienciences exceeding fifty-thousand crazy fans. Forty-five full-time employees work at Purple to provide the Netherlands with qualtity light and sound, with extra help of a large group of motivated freelancers when large events take place.

The difference

As TEG has the mission to become more professional, better organized and on a higher level logistically as well as supply-wise, the connection with Purple Group will be highly beneficial to the local company on Aruba. Since the cooperation between the two partners is a very new one, it already resulted in quite a lot of changes and improvements. Such as a new labeling system of cables and multi-plug sockets, power distribution panels of 110 V, and a range of new flightcases for the transportation of fragile equipment.

A new lay-out of the warehouse, a new-build loading dock for easy load-in and load-out of the trucks and a refurbished office with new furniture now grace the company-building at the Dominicaweg. Everything has been labeled and numbered, which makes loading and off-loading and storing a lot easier. Purple’s know-how is wafting across the ocean. `Two of our employees have already spent a few weeks in Holland, learning the tricks of the trade at Purple. They are extremely motivated to make the Purple-Entertainment Group a distinctive company on the island by bringing quality.” And two of the employees of Purple Group have been brought to Aruba for a few weeks to exchange experiences, to train and support the local PEG-crew and to setup and implement a rental management software-system.
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Erik Eman’s vision is not limited to rental of equipment for events and festivals, but it also includes the possibility of long-term rental packages and installment buying of sound and lighting equipment. Their new website (www.purple-entertainmentgroup.com or www.pegaruba.com) shows all the options. The partnership with Purple Group in the Netherlands is a giant step towards the goal to become The sound and lighting company on the island that really makes the difference!

the date when TEG became PEG.

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Sound and Light Technician

A sound and Lighttechnician will go to our clients location to diagnose and repair their system. If it can't be repaired on site, we can remove the damaged equipment and install loaner or rentall equipment to keep the show rolling until the equipment is repaired and back in service.

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Our latest news.

A short movie wich shows some of the preparations for our equipment update, done in The Netherlands.


In collaboration with High Preformance we built a roofsystem for Calypso.

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The Dutch go public on PEG

Our sister company in The Netherlands reported "the birth" of the new company on their website.
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Clear-com for casa cultura

Casa Cultura invested in a complete Clear-Com intercom system.
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